We are UK NAO! The UK user group  for the Aldebaran Robotics Nao robot.

Formed in 2011, the UK Nao User group is made up of members of the Nao Developer Program, with the goal of promoting the Nao Robot for the development of innovative and interesting programs and behaviours. With an active membership, regular meetings and exchanges of ideas, UK Nao actively fostering the deveopment of entertainment and utility programs to 'Bring Nao to Life' . Current, projects under development by members include:

  • object and colour recogntion systems using Open CV
  • chatbot based subsystems for interviewing and interaction
  • educational games for children and adults
  • media feeds for podcasts and news
  • hardware interfaces 
  • pressure sensing manipulation of the real world

If you are interested in joining in contact us via the Nao Developer Program.