Carl Clement


Carl has been active in robotics development, as a hobby, for over 20 years. Early on this interest turned to walking robots. Inspired by MIT's Genghis hexapod, he started exploring legged robots with kits such as the StampBug and Lynxmotion Hexapod II, moving on to develop his own hardware platform and control software. By the mid 90s Carl's interest turned to biped robots and for the next few years he attempted to produce a hardware platform that could stand and walk on 2 legs. As commercially available kits and more powerful hardware became available Carl's interest in robots turned almost solely to biped robotics, his robot family including the additions of a Hitec Robonova 1 and a Robotis Bioloid. Always striving for that Asimov inspired 'Bicentennial Man' moment, Carl became involved in the Nao Developer Program late in 2010. Carl's robotics work is now almost entirely based on software for the Nao platform.

Carl is also the founder of Emotion Robotics, a Nao distributor that offers robots, consultancy, training and bespoke software development on the Nao platform. Emotion Robotics is a division of Eurisko Ltd, a new media delivery and development company Carl formed in 2001. He lives in Hampshire, England, with his Nao robots (Hannibal, Alexander, Gabriel and Byron) and a cat called Poppy.