Christie Nel


Christie showed an interest in robotics from a young age.  He built electric cars from plastic blocks and elastic bands, coming to the upsetting conclusion that what he tried to do was the impossibility of perpetual motion.  Soon after, he built real robots with his father, capable of entertaining crowds with a synthesized voice, squirting water at them and having gunfights as the Westworld Gunslinger robot.  Christie since developed an interest in embedded systems, AI, vision algorithms, kinematics and all things robot-related.  He decided that building a robotic platform himself was unproductive and after a Google search, found the NAO Developer Program and applied.

Christie graduated from Stellenbosch University in South Africa and works as a software engineer, specializing in instrumentation and user interfaces.  He currently works at Owlstone Nanotech, who produces FAIMS chemical detection instruments.  He is a Labview expert and also a member of and presenter at the Cambridge Labview User Group, where he showed off his NAO.  His previous experience includes writing software for a professional digital controller and logger as used by the automotive and Formula 1 industries and winning a Smart Award for his trademarked software, for his company.  His other interests include embedded projects, model gliders, AI, philosophy and writing.

Christie lives in Cambridge, England with his NAO robot, Pepper and his Bengal cat, Chilli.