Dave Snowdon


Currently Dave is a Staff Engineer at VMware working on virtual desktop infrastructure. Before joining VMware Dave worked at Ecube Ltd, a small web consultancy in London specialising in software to support financial research. At Snowtiger Design (in France), a small web/software consultancy, he wrote the software for Pete Townshend's (of The Who) Lifehouse Method - a system to generate unique pieces of music for each individual user. During its lifetime the system created about 10,000 unique pieces of music for the general public. Before this he worked as a research scientist at Xerox's European Research Centre in France where he created innovative systems for information sharing and worked with peer to peer and context-driven mobile systems.

Dave obtained his PhD from Manchester University, UK after work on a novel object-oriented multi-user collaborative virtual environment (CVE) called AVIARY. At Nottingham University he worked on new systems to support CVEs, collaborative information visualisation and public VR artistic experiences which were demonstrated publicly at the Nottingham Now Ninety6 and NOW Ninety7 arts festivals.

Dave lives with a wife, two children and an assortment of small robots in various stages of construction.