Joe Palmer


Joe has been interested in robotics from an early age and built his first robot out of Meccano as a prototype for Robot Wars. This was soon followed by Lego Mindstorms where he realised that software was the key to bringing robotics to life. Captivated by the code, he started exploring other platforms and the first programme he ever released was a Mastermind game for the Psion Series 3 at the age of 14. Disappointed by the website used to share Psion games, his fascination of the internet began.

Joe started building websites in 2001, back when most were just static pages of information. A lot has changed since then, but he has always stayed at the cutting edge of innovation, building ever more complex systems and developing his expertise in web application integration. Joe started his first business at 19, when he launched an entertainment listing site across several university campuses. In 2005, he embarked on a three-year computer science degree at UCL. The professional training he received vastly enhanced his programming ability, and he is now fluent in a wide range of languages.

Joe now runs a web development company called SoftForge which was co-founded after graduating from UCL. Having dedicating 4 years to building websites, he now had the opportunity to explore other areas of interest. It wasn’t long after discovering Nao and his childhood curiosity for robotics was reignited. Since attending the first Nao Development Weekend in Paris, he has been hooked and spends most of his spare time developing Nao apps and hopes to one day do it for a living.

Joe lives in near Greenwich in South East London with his girlfriend, Eve the robot and Terrence the tortoise.